Ommegang Rouge: Ommegang collaborates with Bockor on first Flemish sour ale

Courtesy of Brewery Ommegang

(Bellegem-Kortrijk, BELGIUM) – Brewery Ommegang has been working with Brouwerij Bockor in Belgium on a Flemish sour red ale to be made available on tap in the States later this year. The beer will be authentically Belgian, having gone through spontaneous fermentation and oak aging for 18 months right at Bockor’s facility. This is not a blend of different vintages, notes Larry Bennett, Ommegang Marketing Director; it is “straight from the tuns.”

Bennett describes the flavor profile of the beer, which will be called Ommegang Rouge, as, “tart with a bit of green apple aroma and taste, with notes of dark berries and cherries […]” The brewery was eager to take on a partnership with Bockor, who runs an operation long known for producing Flemish sours, to fill the sour ale gap in Ommegang’s current lineup. Brewmaster, Phil Leinhart, has made multiple trips to Belgium to help Bockor in the process of making this beer.

Bennett notes that Ommegang Rouge, coming in at 5.5% ABV, will be available on tap either late this summer or in early fall. If it is eventually bottled, it wouldn’t be until the end of this year or in 2009.

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5 thoughts on “Ommegang Rouge: Ommegang collaborates with Bockor on first Flemish sour ale

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  3. Ommegang Rouge is done for! An Ommegang yep explained that Bockor is going to continue to make that beer but under the Bockor name. Bockor Jacobins Rouge. Very disappointing. Guess they wanted all the credit?

  4. Not sure what happened there but you could be onto something. Probably best not to speculate. Brewery Ommegang was looking into working with Liefman’s last I checked but it’s been a while.

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