Mikkeller, Alesmith, and Stone Brewing to collaborate on beer this June

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(San Diego, CA) – Owner and Head Brewer of Alesmith, Peter Zien, has mentioned in recent interviews that the Decadence label is the one through which it will be releasing its new beers. Decadence was released on April 1 so that’s it for new Alesmith beers until next year, right? Wrong! Alesmith will actually be part of a collaboration that could be possibly result in the release of a new beer later this year. Continuing its wave of cross-the-pond collaborations with American breweries, Mikkeller will set sail for San Diego in early June to brew up a new batch of beer with two West Coast beer powerhouses. Alesmith is one of them and Stone Brewing is the other.

Mikkel Borg-Bjergsø, Mikkeller Brewmaster, made the announcement this past Sunday confirming that the beer would be available in both the San Diego area and Denmark. Little else will be known about the beer until down the road. Luckily, Mikkel did share some other news: he estimates that around 3000 bottles of Hvedegoop, Mikkeller’s collaboration with Three Floyds Brewing, will be available for those attending Dark Lord Day this coming Saturday. Two pallets are also heading to Denmark. And according to Nick Floyd, owner of Three Floyds, there will be a bottle limit of two per person at $11 a pop.

Mikkel also informs us that a new beer, Mikkeller It’s Alive, will soon be hitting the states:

“‘It’s Alive!’ is a blonde Belgian ale brewed with brettanomyces. It is inspired by Belgian Orval and has a fresh hoppiness and dry finish. The brettanomyces makes this beer live on in the bottle and will develop it greatly over the next couple years.”

Finally, on the Mikkeller front, Tyttebaer, the brewery’s fruity Belgian collaboration with Nogne O of Norway, is still fermenting away and should be available this fall.

Alesmith is still working on its brewery expansion. Zein hopes that the expansion will enable the brewery to produce around 2000 barrels in 2009 and 3000 in 2010. While the expansion will provide relief for some of the 35 distributors currently on a waitlist, it also comes with growing pains. According to an inteview held with Blind Tiger Alehouse last month, Alesmith Summer Yulesmith is typically due out on July 1 though it is not guaranteed that it will brewed this year as a result of the expansion project still being in the works. Zein alluded to the fact that, with the expansion, he’d like to fill out the rest of the West Coast and eventually hit the Midwestern states, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Stone Brewing released its top-rated Imperial Russian Stout about one month ago and news recently filtered out about Stone Vertical 08.08.08 being a lightly hopped Belgian pale ale. Beer fans now wait for details on Stone’s 12th Anniversary Ale due this summer. Stone also traveled to England this year to brew up a special IPA that received quite a bit of buzz in a country less known for its hopped-up ales than its American counterpart.

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