Mail your ticket orders in for Great Taste of the Midwest 2008 TODAY

Great Taste of the Midwest 2007 - photo courtesy of, WI) – The Great Taste of the Midwest is one of the biggest beer fests in the country, taking place every August in Madison. Tickets are limited to 5000 and are $35 apiece.

There are only two ways to get them: mail in a ticket order request on May 1 which is entered into a lottery or do the wait-in-line thing on May 4. While your best bet is to try to get tickets on the 4th, why not take a stab and order one on May 1, too? You will have an extra for later on in case a friend wants to tag along and be easily able to sell it if not. All the info you need is available at the official Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild website.

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