Beer notes: Marin White Knuckle, Avery Gemini, Black Albert, Drake’s Night

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Marin Brewing announced in its newsletter yesterday that Marin Eldridge Grade White Knuckle Double IPA is back on tap and available in 22 oz. bottles.  The beer ratings for this hoppy ale have been phenomenal at Beer Advocate.  It is missing from the top 100 despite having a high enough score and the number of reviews to have a spot.  It is also listed in the top 200 at RateBeer.  The bottles should go quickly and it may not last long on tap either.

Avery Brewing ThumbIn an interview held over at The Full Pint, Adam Avery, Owner and Brewmaster for Avery Brewing in Colorado, revealed the release of a new beer that he hopes will be ready to come out in November.  Avery Gemini will be a big IPA weighing in at 8% ABV.  He notes that it will be dry-hopped aggresively though not quite as much as the brewery’s popular, Avery Maharaja.

Toronado San Francisco is celebrating the release of four rare Belgian beers from Drake’s Brewing on tap tonight.  One of the beers, Brettamber, for example, has been aged for two years in Merlot Oak with Brettanomyces.  Drake’s regular beers should be on hand as well.  For more info, visit the event page.  And follow Toronado on Twitter for updates as to what is rotating on and off tap at the San Francisco location.

Lucky Baldwins in Pasedena also has on-going event right now.  The bar is a stunning lineup of IPAs on draft for its 2008 IPA Fest.  Someone posted the taplist here on BA.  Among the options are Stone 10th and 11th Anniversary and Port Hop-15 just to name a couple.  The events started June 14th so it is possible that some of the brews have already went offline but it is worth checking out.

Finally, the only news we have to report on Struise Black Albert is that there is no news.  Matt Dinges from The Shelton Brothers informed me that they have not received nor picked up any Black Albert yet.  It looks like beer people will have to wait just a little longer to get their hands on bottles of the Belgian Royal Stout.

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