Captain Lawrence Brewing to release its second sour: Rosso e Marrone

Captain Rosso e Marrone - courtesy of Captain Lawrence Brewing

(Pleasantville, NY) – Captain Lawrence Brewing will release a new sour in 375 mL bottles, possibly in 2008. The brewery’s first sour, Cuvee de Castleton, established itself as one of the top 75 beers in the world at RateBeer. Captain Lawrence Rosso e Marrone is billed as an American Sour Ale “fermented with grapes and aged in oak barrels.” Here is the rest of the label:

This beer sat quietly, aging in our barrel room for over a year before we decided it was time – time to blend in some beautiful ripe red grapes, Brettanomyces, freshly emptied wine barrels and time, this beer is infinitely complex and a challenge to the perception of what beer can be. This beer is re-fermented in the bottle and will age for years to come. Straight from the Captain’s cellar to yours, we hope you enjoy.

On a side note, Owner, Scott Vaccaro recently sent out a plea in his newsletter regarding legislation in the state of New York. Here is a link with more information.

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5 thoughts on “Captain Lawrence Brewing to release its second sour: Rosso e Marrone

  1. Question for you guys. Where do you get your release info? Solely off govt. approved labels? If so, not all approved labels make it into production. Just an FYI.

    BTW, cool site…and impressive hype generator!


  2. Stories come from a number of sources: label approvals, feeds, newsletters, forums, direct contact with brewers, rumors, etc. It’s a challenge to keep track of it all but to be the best, that’s what you got to do.

    Agree that some labels never come to fruition though it is pretty rare, no? We typically try to corroborate things but if a brewer doesn’t respond in time, we just roll with what we got.

    Thanks for supporting the site! And let us know if you got any “ins” with brewers, etc. Always looking to network.

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