Update on Mikkeller, Stone, + Alesmith’s Tripel

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Mikkel updated me on the progress of the collaboration between Mikkeller, Stone, and Alesmith. The beer was brewed during Mikkel’s visit to the US earlier this month. They brewed 120 barrels to be released in 12 oz. bottles (math > 1 barrel = 3968 oz / 12 = 330 x 120 = 39,600 bottles?). With the craft beer niche’s packaging trend moving toward expensive bombers, it would be nice if this were to become available in six packs. The Belgian-style Tripel will resemble a more “classic” rendition of the style meaning less hops (German Perle and Amarillo) in this beer.

With that many bottles available, (we speculate that) there is a good chance of it being somewhat available around the U.S. though some will surely be exported back to Europe. Mikkel hopes that it will be ready for the European Beer Festival in Copenhagen in mid-September and also be ready for U.S. consumers around that time.

As for other happenings with these breweries that we haven’t touched on recently (i.e. Stone 12th Anniversary, Alesmith BASS release), Mikkeller It’s Alive just arrived in the U.S. market. Shelton Brothers imports this (and most other international brews) and could probably tell you if/where you can find it in your local market.

Tickets also just went on sale for the Stone Sour Fest to take place on July 20. They can be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets for 30 bones. A short description of the event can be found on Stone’s calendar (scroll to the lower right). Some comments on last year’s event can be found here. There are no details yet on this year’s event so we’ll probably revisit later.

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