Lost Abbey Witch’s Wit now available

As it turns out, this weekend actually saw the release of not one, but TWO Lost Abbey beers. In addition to the Cable Car release at Toronado, Witch’s Wit went on sale for the first time at the brewery yesterday according to the My Beer Pix blog. (Note that it may take some time for the beer to arrive in stores).

Witch’s Wit is described as a “very light 4.8% ABV and brewed with Grapefruit, Orange Peel and Cardamom.” The beer is supposedly going to be a “full release” to all of the normal distribution channels and will be available on draft in Southern California and possibly Arizona. And it will be interesting to see whether this creation can topple the ‘Orchard White‘ made by fellow SoCal brewers, The Bruery, for #1-rated Witbier on RateBeer.

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13 thoughts on “Lost Abbey Witch’s Wit now available

  1. Yet another reason why RateBeer ratings are utterly meaningless. Orchard White? Seriously?

    Reminds me of when Lost Abbey’s Gift of the Magi was top for Biere de Garde (for the unaware, it’s not a Biere de Garde and, frankly, not that good).

    The only thing RateBeer ratings prove is that their algorithm can’t withstand a deluge of regional/brewery entourage ratings.

  2. As a pagan, and a woman, I am offended by the label. What’s next, a black being chased by people in white sheets???

  3. I am also appalled and offended by the label of Witch’s Wit. How can the burning of a human being be considered appropriate and appealing to advertise/sell beer? It is slap in the face of many many women through out the world.

  4. OMG! This is BAD PR…did you get your label idea from the same idiots that did the GAP logo redo?
    As a pagan and a consumer I’m shocked that you would consier this appealing to buyers.

  5. I wondered when the question would pop up around the other labels … I scanned a few … not sure the about the Serpent’s Stout … depicts “Eve” as the one delivering the forbidden apple, yet when you read “Our Crusade” for Lost Abbey, they rightfully claim it was “they” (Adam and Eve) who “chose” (due to their right of choice and free will) to eat the apple …

    As for Deliverance, they really cannot be compared, I’m sorry Adam … the scene is of Angels carrying this man out of the fires of Hell; whereas Witches Wit specifically shows a woman being burned at the stake for a beer with “witch” in the title …

    Yes, delivery me away from the fires of hell, but No, do not chastise me for being a witch …

    Thank you and blessings,
    Eagle Flight

  6. If they’re going to call it Witch’s Wit, they need to loose the offensive label. A thousand witty possibilities and they didn’t get one. What’s next, Holocaust Hops?

  7. I’m heathen and a woman, and I am most definitely not offended by this label.

    Also, all you people posting complaints to a beer rating site over somoene’s beer label: what do you expect beernews.org to do about it?

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  10. I think it’s a great label, screw off all u cryin little people. It’s a picture, not anybody’s kid, shut the ##@$ up, you people are killing the world with your frickin cryin about everything, shut up and drink the beer, lol, Happy Halloween, Muaaahhhhh

  11. It was fake outrage rooted in ignorance. One prominent woman Pagan blogger found the beer 2 years after it came out, and facebooked about this “new” beer whose label offended her greatly. Like all groups of people, Pagans have reactionary sheep who will cut & paste emails to companies and start a flurry of social media noise. It’s been nearly a year and you can’t find anything in the Pagan community about it now. Yet back in October they were vowing to not rest. Just as quickly as they “organized” to attack such a fantastic brewery, they forgot about their outrage with similar speed. All you have to do with people like that is tell them “you’ll think about it” and they go and declare victory, as they did on their blogs. They changed nothing, but they did spew a lot of hatred into the world.

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