Advice for Beer Advocate Beer Fest Travelers

Tap handles at the Publick House - courtesy of

Tap handles at the Publick House - courtesy of

Tomorrow, I will be releasing a short list of top beers to check out at the Beer Advocate event: Return of the Belgian Beer Fest ’08. Until then, some friendly suggestions for festgoers heading into Beantown…

Good options right near the fest: The Chicken Bone for cheap eats with good beer and Bauer Wine and Spirits for beer shopping. Both places are a 10-15 minute walk from the Cyclorama.

For those willing to travel: Within the last few weeks, if it hadn’t earned the title already, Brookline has become the top beer destination in or around Boston. There is a brunch event at The Publick House on Sunday. The new Roadhouse Craft Beer and BBQ joint is next door as is the new beer shop, Publick House Provisions. I believe all three are under the same ownership though I could be wrong. The only caveat is that the door-to-door commute from the fest could hover around 45 minutes if going by T.

Other options: The Sunset Grill (Fest food provider, too) and Deep Ellum, both in Allston. The commute is just a tad longer than the one to Brookline though it is only a ten minute cab ride between Allston and Brookline.  Lastly, consider hitting up THE brewpub of Boston, which is actually near MIT in Cambridge, Cambridge Brewing Co.

The Mass Bay Transportation Association has lined up a nifty tool to help you plan your in-city travelling.

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2 thoughts on “Advice for Beer Advocate Beer Fest Travelers

  1. Those are all good options in the Brookline/Allston area. And you are right about The Publick House, Roadhouse and beer shop all being owned by the same company. Although I haven’t been to the Roadhouse yet, apparently there is more of a focus on American craft brews.

    Another beer bar option is The Lower Depths in Kenmore. It is probably 1.5 miles from the Cyclorama, so it would be a nice sobering walk (or a cheap cab fare).

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