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(Boston, MA) – Because of fatigue brought on from working on yesterday’s top Belgian Fest beer picks (Saturday sessions) post, I am keeping the Night of the Funk picks to a mere five selections even though, pound for pound, the Friday night attendees may have the better options.

5. Cambridge Funky Bitch – What a name. Good to see the locals contributing special beers to the event. “Barrel-aged, spiced Belgian brown ale with Brett, blended with several other CBC barrel cellar specimens including our unreleased, spontaneously fermented sour Imperial Gueze; 9.0%.” I personally think that the brett-tinged barley wine, Samson, would be more to my liking, but the sourheads trend has been huge in ’08 so I am guessing that this would be more to everyone else’s liking.

The Bruery logo4. The Bruery Melange No. 1 – This is a blend of a very young Flanders Red and a young Imperial Stout. The imperial stout is the one that they are hoping to push close to 20% ABV. An interesting combination to say the least and one that I have not seen before. The only thing remotely similar that I have tried to do is blend small remaining amounts of New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red and Cadillac Mountain Stout. I don’t recommend it though it could possibly work with an imperial stout.

3. Struise Earthmonk – More info on this brew at Belgian Beer Board. “This beer has to be classified under Flemish “Oud Bruin”, because this is a blend of two top-fermented beers produced with a mixed fermentation. 30% old aged “unfiltered” beer that has aged for 18 months in oak barrels. At this stage a secondary lacto-acid infection/fermentation has been achieved.” The other 70% is a young beer. If you can’t make it to the fest, the other way to get a hold of this in the U.S. is to buy it at Liquid Solutions.

2. Russian River Temptation Batch 1 – This one was brewed over four years ago. According to Vinnie Cilurzo’s tasting notes, the beer needed some age to mellow out some of the wine flavors that were contributed from the Chardonnay barrels.” Well, it is safe to say that the beer has some age now. Not 100% sure whether the first batch had Brett.

Lost Abbey logo1. The Lost Abbey Sinners 08 Blend – This is one of the top-rated beers at the fest between all three sessions. There was a RateBeer thread at one point which I believe discussed the possible beers that went into this blend but I had trouble digging it up. Lost Abbey Cable Car is another one that is being offered at the table that night.

Honorable Mentions:

Ommegang RougeOriginal story here and update w/ label pic here
Willimantic Willi Wonder – (Willi Whammer ’05 blended w/ Certified Gold to Workingman’s Wheat (and Willi beers), aged in a fresh Dickel bbl w/ Brett and Lambic yeast; 7.0%)

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