Deschutes to bring back Mirror Mirror, debut Double Cinder Cone in 2009

Deschutes Mirror Mirror

[3/7 Update: It will be available in April.

12/18 Update: Mirror Mirror was brewed during the first week of December. Deschutes’ site says total time = 10 months for the first batch. I’d estimate early fall release given they’re doing Black Butte in June and The Abyss in late fall.

Double Cinder Cone, mentioned below, is now on tap as well.]

(Bend, OR) – Your eyes do not deceive you. The picture you see above is cropped out of a label approval that came through for Deschutes Brewery a few weeks ago. According to Brewpublic, plans are to release Deschutes Mirror Mirror 2009 Reserve Barley Wine next year. The previous batch of this beer, released to the tune of 63 barrels in early 2006, was brewed in February 2005.

The brewery’s description , “Inspired by Jubel 2000 and Double Bale Quail Imperial IPA […] Aged four months in French Oak wine barrels, the beer continued to condition with a few days of dry hop prior to bottling in early 2006. Ten months of dedicated care have yielded a unique beer with hints of raisin and oak emerging from a rich malt base tinged with the slightest citrus hop aroma.”

But that’s not all…

Brewpublic got even more information on future releases in Deschutes’ Reserve Series: “[…]the brewery is maturing a Big Red Double Cinder Cone for bottling in this series. Further, they are working on another run of the Black Butte XX Imperial barrel-aged Porter to celebrate their upcoming 21st anniversary. Sidor said his hands are full of specialty projects and mainstay beers at Deschutes. They even have a follow-up batch of Dissident Oud Bruin slated for release sometime in 2011.”

Big thanks to Theo Skourtis for bringing the article to my attention.

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