Ithaca Beer Co. releases new Excelsior! beer today

Ithaca alpHalpHa

(Ithaca, NY) – First news of the week comes out of the great state of New York where Ithaca Beer Co. is releasing its latest in the Excelsior! Series today. Jeff O’Neil, Executive Brewmaster, calls

Ithaca alpHalpHa

a “double honey bitter.” According to the description, it’s brewed with organic barley, New York-grown Cascade hops, and local Alfalfa honey. And in typical Excelsior! fashion, it is a big beer at 8.5% ABV.

Read about the previous release in this series, a sour beer called Ithaca Brute.

Also, according to O’Neil, “We are knee-deep in a ‘mini-expansion,’ bringing in two new 100bbl fermenters, which requires that we take our brewery almost entirely apart. We should rise from the ashes at the end of January, by which time we’ll be so far behind on our regular beers that it will hard for me to justify focusing on my vanity projects until the ship has been ‘righted.'”

In other words, you probably won’t see another Excelsior! beer until spring at the earliest.

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