Jolly Pumpkin releases P4 on Jan. 2nd


From the website: “Perseguidor Blend #4

Jolly Pumpkin Perseguidor

Four is made up of batches 69,70, and 239. Roja, Madrugada and Noel respectively.

Brewed; 11-29-05, 12-2-05 and 8-22-07
to oak 12-5-05,12-9-05, 8-27-07
Blended into and aged in barrels # 10 & 12
Bottled; 7-01-08

Release date: Jan. 2 2009
At Jolly Pumpkin only
12-6 pm”

For comparison purposes, P4 uses some older blends than P3 (see below). Oh, and I wouldn’t on any of that beer being there at 6pm. It sold out in 45 minutes last time.


Batches: 222,127,121,120
Brewed: 6/26/07, 7/15/06, 6/30/06, 6/26/06
To Oak: 7/2/07, 7/20/06, 7/6/06, 7/5/06
Barrels: 58
Bottled On: 12/18/07

And for anyone who cares, I will be taking eight straight hours of exams that day! Enjoy those brewskis!

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