Avery to feature new Barrel-Aged Series


[2/12 Update: Beer will be released on 2/18]

[1/8 Update: Senior Brewer, Andy Parker, has provided a very informative post about Brabant in this RateBeer.com thread. ]

(Boulder, CO) – Avid Beernews.org geeks may have caught a mention of Avery Brabant on yesterday’s release calendar for February. Avery Brewing has quietly started a new barrel-aging project out in Colorado and the first beer,

Avery Brabant

will arrive early next month with a release party at the brewery.

The new beer looks like a variation of the previously retired “Avery Originale Brabant” posted at RateBeer. The site displays the following description: “In September 2006, we diverted about 6 bbl of Old Jubilation wort into a small tank with our Belgian Abbey yeast (same as Reverend and Salvation) for primary fermentation. A portion of this was then transferred into a wine cask and dosed with Brettanomyces Bruxelles. After about one year of aging, the result is Brabant.”

Avery’s page for the new beer reads, “No. 1 Brabant is a luscious dark ale fermented with two strains of wild yeast (brettanomyces) then aged for eight months in Zinfandel barrels.” They sound very similar. Regardless, these will be packaged in 12 oz. bottles, of which 12,500 were produced.

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