Boulevard Two Jokers Double Wit on deck in the Smokestack Series


[5/12 Update: This will arrive in KC stores on May 18 and other markets soon thereafter.]

[3/16 Update: More info on ‘Boulevard Tank 7,’ the codename for the new draft beer, which is based on Saison-Brett “with notable differences”]

(Kansas City, MO) – Here is the brief scoop on the latest offering in the Smokestack Series from Boulevard Brewing as well as some other info on what is to come from the brewery . . .

Boulevard Two Jokers

, a Double Witbier, will be the next (8th) release in the Smokestack Series. The beer will be released around May 1. And prior to that time, a beer similar to Boulevard Saison-Brett will begin to appear on draft as well. This will take place in April; this is the debut of any beer related to one from the Smokestack Series on draft (according to The Pitch- see more from the article below).

So what is the difference between the new brews in this series and the original four?

According to Boulevard Director of Marketing, Jeremy Ragonese, “This year we’re introducing four new Smokestack ‘seasonals’ at the same time as our core brand seasonal offerings. Two of the beers will be ‘Limited Releases,’ meaning a limited number of cases of individually numbered bottles, and two will be simply offerings that will be widely available but only for a set period of time. Our four core Smokestack brands will remain (The Sixth Glass, Long Strange Tripel, Saison and Double-Wide I.P.A.).

For example, Imperial Stout was the first of these Smokestack seasonal offerings, aligned with the timing of our Irish Ale in the Spring. The second is Two Jokers, aligned with the timing of ZON (our summertime Belgian-style Witbier). The last two will be aligned with Bob’s ’47 in the Fall and Nutcracker Ale in the Winter (details on those to come).”

Well, those details are already here . . . a Kansas City blogger recently attended a brewers’ night at the Flying Saucer featuring Boulevard Brewmaster, Steve Pauwels. Owen Morris of The Pitch writes, ” […] he asked how many people knew Boulevard has a vineyard in Clinton, Missouri, and has been making wines including Chardonnay and Viognier. Almost nobody did. Yes, Boulevard is experimenting with wine and will be releasing a wheat wine this year. And Pauwels just happened to have some of the first bottles with him. “It’s like barley wine but made with wheat instead … in a Viognier barrel with a little Viognier mixed in.”

Pauwels also said Boulevard is bringing back Smokestack BBQ in the next six months and that the brewery is also working on a rye beer that should be released early next year. And a sour beer will be ready to go in three years.”

Good things are coming from Boulevard Brewing.

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  1. How embarrassing! Thanks for the correction and hopefully he didn’t see it or there go my chances at the first bottle of the Wheat Wine!

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