Flying Dog highlights day of April Fools craft beer jokes


Flying Dog Brewery outdid the competition or at least what I saw, announcing a new line of low-alcohol beers aimed at an untapped market. The series is dubbed, “Canis Minor,” the antithesis of the brewery’s Canis Major Series.

Elsewhere, Surly Brewing revealed its new beer, Surlyberry, will replace Furious. Apparently, the brewery ran out of its 2009 hops . . .

RateBeer had a new logo up this morning but it was a brief visit for me so I didn’t get around to seeing what it was about. Can anyone fill in the details? It looked like another country’s flag but not sure which one.

MoreBeer and KegWorks promoted a free hangover kit and an instant beer kit (thanks to Beer-o-vision).

A small Texan brewery, Freetail Brewing, sent out a note that it had been sold to MacroBev, Inc.

And then there is Alaskan Brewing Co., who lost its website to thrifty domain buyers . . . Oh wait, that last one did actually happen? In all seriousness, I hope they get it back by the time you read this. False alarm. Looks like they were using the old page for newsletter links only and got rid of that. The actual website can be found here.

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