Stone Brewing announces collaboration with Maui Brewing

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(Escondido, CA) – Posted yesterday by Mike Palmer at the Stone blog: “Garrett Marrero from Maui Brewing accepted our invitation on lending a hand to help brew

Aloha Plenty

. If you haven’t kept up on the blog, Aloha Plenty is Ken Schmidt’s homebrew that won our 2009 AHA Rally Homebrew Competition. Since this is a collaboration between Ken Schmidt, Mitch Steele and Garrett Marrero – we’ve green lighted this beer as another part of our Collaboration Series. That’s right, the full treatment of not only being brewed on our system and served on draft, but also bottled for nationwide distribution. There is one difference in this collaboration though, this won’t exactly be a meld of each brewer’s creativity. Instead, Mitch and Garrett will be taking a supporting role in helping Ken keep his homebrewed masterpiece true to the original when being brewed on a large scale. Aloha Plenty is a Robust Porter made with Kona Coffee, toasted coconut and macadamia nuts.”

Congrats to Schmidt whose beer topped 28 other entries; it will be submitted into the Great American Beer Festival homebrew competition, the winners for which will be announced as the event concludes in late September. Here is a Flickr photo set of the event featuring the winner.

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