Boulevard Pilsner debuts this summer


This beer is now available in KC only. Expanding to other markets later in 2009.

(Kansas City, MO) – Perk up, Midwesterners. Boulevard Brewing will add a new year-round beer later this summer. According to a brewery rep, “

Boulevard Pilsner

will be […] available initially only in Kansas City in 6-packs. We’re paying homage to the legacy of past Kansas City breweries with a classic American lager; all malt, real hop character, unpasteurized. Basically an American beer “revival” for local consumers made by a traditional Midwestern craft brewery.” The beer label was recently approved by the TTB.

A few other notes from the brewery . . . The next Smokestack Series release, Two Jokers Double Wit, will begin arriving in stores on Monday, May 18 (KC first). After Two Jokers, another Smokestack beer will come out in August, and Saison-Brett and BBQ will both return later in the year. Saison-Brett will see some new distribution markets this year.

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8 thoughts on “Boulevard Pilsner debuts this summer

  1. I’ve been saying that if a local beer company would make a “light” beer then I’d drink it over Bud Light or Miller Light in certain situations. At least this is one step closer. If there was a Boulevard Light that they could sell cheap then they would go a lot further in the US market. I’m a big craft beer fan, but face it there are times that we need some light beer.

  2. I’ve had this in their taproom and it’s actually pretty good. It’s definitely a modern american pilsner, so it’s less flavorful than its German or pre-prohibition counterparts. But, it is still pretty good. Worth buying IMO.

  3. I had a chance to try this in the tap room and it was a solid american pilsner. Not being a fan, I would consider it on a warm summer day.

  4. I had a chance to drink this on one of their tours and it was amazing. When it comes out i will never drink bud lite or miller lite EVER again. I am completely biased though. The world must be coming to an end in 2012 because this beer will be an excellent finish.

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  6. I have loved Boulevard Wheat since inception. I will have to say though, Boulevard Pilsner is a HIT!! This beer is awesome..what a great clean crisp taste and flavor. I love this beer! Good Job Boulevard!!!I hope you make it in 12-packs

  7. This is an outstanding beer. Finally bought some and it did not disappoint. There is not too much that Boulevard doesn’t get right and get right the first time.

    Good stuff, will surely buy more.

    Way to go Boulevard and GO CHIEFS!

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