Dogfish Head Sahtea: Sneak Peek


This beer is now available!

(Milton, DE) –

Dogfish Head Sahtea

recently got label approval and is scheduled to come out this month. The beer was featured as part of the oft-referenced New Yorker article. Not much has been written about it yet beyond that except by those who have found it on tap like Hop Nation. They also posted a description of the beer:

“A modern update on a 9th century Finnish proto-beer. Brewed with rye, we caramelize the wort with white hot river rocks, then ferment it with a German Weizen yeast. In addition to juniper berries foraged directly from the Finnish country-side we added a sort of tea made with coriander, cardamom, lemon grass, Indian Black Tea, and ramps leaves. The spicing is subtle and balanced and Sahtea is a highly-quaffable, truly-unique brew with a full-mouth feel.”

Sah’tea is 9% ABV and will be released in 750 mL bottles.

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