The Bruery Papier coming to retail


This beer has been released.

(Placentia, CA) – The Bruery is set to release the beer marking its First Anniversary across its distribution network. Patrick Rue describes

The Bruery Papier

as a “big Old Ale with a Belgian touch.” This version of the beer is a bit different than the ones released earlier this month for the anniversary party. 25% has been aged in bourbon barrels for over a year; this was blended with a more recent batch that was aged with heavy toast oak cubes making up the other 75%. The other versions have been aged 100% in either Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, or Brandy barrels for over a year. These are only available in the tasting room and many are accounted for due to pre-orders though some bottles can still be purchased.

Unfortunately, with only about 275 cases of this new batch, not all areas where The Bruery’s beers are currently available will see this one because of the low case number. If you get your hands on a bottle, Patrick thinks the beer will be incredible after a few years and the label even touts that it will age well for “decades” in the right conditions.

Patrick also noted that they are currently brewing Coton [or Cotton, they haven’t decided yet], next year’s anniversary beer. “Each year the recipe will be the same and we’re holding back a certain percentage to blend into future batches. We’re loosely following the solera method of aging / blending to contribute complexity and tie our current anniversary with past ones.” And if that wasn’t enough, a recent blog post also mentioned that they are testing out some new pilot brews.

The brewery certainly has a lot going on as it starts its 2nd year in existence . . .

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