Aloha Plenty from Stone and Maui Brewing gets approval


(Escondido, CA) – The collaboration beer between Stone Brewing, Maui Brewing, and homebrew champ, Ken Schmidt, got label approval this week. Info about Aloha Plenty first surfaced nearly four months ago so arrival date shouldn’t be that far away. That said, the brewery hasn’t come out yet with an official release date to my knowledge. For more on the brew, click back to my Aloha Plenty post from April. See the back label below (along with some news on Juxtaposition).


The brewery also announced today that Juxtaposition Black Pilsner, the collaboration brew (again!) with Brewdog and Cambridge Brewing will appear in stores beginning this Monday, July 27. The list of locations where it will be made available includes: CA, MA, GA, WA, AZ, OR (Portland), NY, OH, VA, CO, and of course, Scotland, home of Brewdog.

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