Beer notes: More Stone collabs, Two Brothers Moaten, Brooklyn Sorachi Ace


Two Brothers Brewing got label approval this past week for a new Belgian-style collaboration: “We brewed it with Hildegard van Ostaden from Urthel Brewery, Belgium. The beer is called “Moaten” which means “Friends” in Flemish. It is an Oak Aged Sour Flemish Red Ale. The guys are bottling it as we speak. We are very excited that Hildegard will be coming to the US to tour with us next week for 5 release parties around Chicagoland and Minneapolis.” Some may remember that Hildegard worked with Tomme Arthur on Ne Goeien Saison last summer. Click over to Two Brothers’ site for the full schedule of release events. [ed. disclosure: Urthel is actually a brand, not a brewery; it is brewed and bottled at Koningshoeven in the Netherlands “under the authority of Hildegard Van Osteden.”]

A rep from Brooklyn Brewery posted the description for the latest in its Brewmaster’s Reserve Series on Beer Advocate: “The unique flavor of Sorachi Ace was bypassed by the big brewers, but we think it’s pretty cool. Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is a classic saison, a cracklingly dry, hoppy unfiltered golden farmhouse ale, but made entirely with now-rare Sorachi Ace hops grown by a single farm in Oregon. We ferment it with our special Belgian ale strain, and then add more Sorachi Ace hops post-fermentation. After the dry-hopping, the beer emerges with a bright spicy lemon zest aroma backed by a wonderfully clean malt flavor. It tastes like sunshine in a glass, and that suits us just fine, especially with seafood dishes.” This is a draft-only beer; you can read more specs and what bars will be carrying it here.

Finally, we end off with Stone Brewing who is keeping the whole collaboration theme going. A couple tidbits from the most recent blog post:

“[…] From there [Greg Koch will] be heading to Norway on July 27th, where he’ll be joined by Steve [Wagner] and Mitch [Steele] to brew the final iteration of Jolly Pumpkin/Nøgne-Ø/Stone Special Holiday Ale with Kjetil Jikiun at Nøgne-Ø. The second, ‘funkier’ iteration was brewed back in April with Ron Jeffries at Jolly Pumpkin, and this version is sure to be equally unique (Steve is actually bringing the San Diegan White Sage with him for the brew).”

“The three Stone beer diplomats will then be off to Scotland on July 30th to brew a new collaboration beer with our friends James Watt and Martin Dickie at BrewDog. They’re not sure exactly what they’re going to brew there, but one thing’s certain—the beer will be aged in Scotch Whiskey barrels.”

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