Kid Rock’s American Badass Redneck Beer debuts July 17


(Detroit, MI) – No, the post title isn’t a slight at the folks who decide to spend their hard-earned money on Kid Rock‘s new beer . . . that’s the actual name of the beer. It seems fitting that, on the cusp of the Independence Day weekend, I have the honor of debuting the label for

American Badass Redneck Lager

. The Kid Rock beer that everyone heard about this past fall back finally got label approval just three weeks shy of its illustrious debut. Jessica Nunez of Kalamabrew reported on Wednesday that it will debut on tap at kiosks during “Kid Rock’s shows in Comerica Park on July 17 and 18.”

The beer will allegedly create nearly 400 jobs, the most of which will be at Michigan Brewing. The brewery won the contract from Drink Americas Holdings, Inc, and got a tax break of over $700k to develop the product. It is also allegedly investing $7 million into the Kid Rock beer.

As mentioned, Drink Americas is the other player in this project. According to the company’s official website, it “formed a joint venture with Universal Music’s Interscope Geffen A&M Records to develop and market iconic beverage products.” The company is also working with Dr. Dre on new product lines: cognac and sparkling vodka. More artists could be on the way pending the success of these projects.

The market for this beer appears to be the same as the one that goes for Bud, Miller, etc. I can see a lot of one-off purchases like folks did with Bud American Ale just to try it but cost will be a major factor inhibiting repeat purchases. Some of the folks behind this brew have lots of money but they can’t compete with the economies of scale that exist at the big breweries.

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11 thoughts on “Kid Rock’s American Badass Redneck Beer debuts July 17

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  2. In retrospect, I used the word allegedly a couple times too many there. Should’ve used ‘reportedly’. Thanks for the info. I poked fun at the beer name but agree that the beer has the potential to be valuable to the local economy. We’ll see whether that is short-term or long-term but I estimate the short-term. I think people will go back to the low cost alternative once they’ve tried it once though I could be wrong.

  3. I commend Kid for stepping up to the plate. In my opinion he should be helping run this country instead of the college educated idiots we currently have! Is it possible to order this beer so that I can share it with my friends. Thanks

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  6. i love lidd rock lived in michigan for 10 years originally from new orleans now live in mississippi would love to try some of this beer. how do i get it other than going back to michigan?

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  9. I would love to get just one of Kid Rock’s beer for my husband. We
    are both in our sixties but still love his music and his love for his country. Will the beer go on sale in VA or do we Have to come to

  10. My name is Sheri Lovins and I live in Fresno Calif and I want two can one to try and one to save I know there is nothing kid rock dose that is bad .i know you know what I mean !! He is one fine ass redneck .that cant do any thing wrong love u kid

  11. It is a delicious beer. Better than all the other well named. Great job Kid. You have a buyer for life. Love it. Crisp and clean taste.

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