Terrapin Depth Charge named as Midnight Project Series Brew Two


(Athens, GA) – More info coming via newsletters. Word of the second (annual) rendition of the Midnight Project Series comes from Terrapin Brewery down in Georgia (damn, I’ve been giving them a lot of face time recently). Another beer to chalk up in the ‘collaboration’ category.

“Last year, Spike went out and brewed with the folks at the Left Hand in Longmont, Colorado, and the result was a black rye lager called Terra-Rye’zd. Pretty much everyone agreed it rocked, at least everyone who got to try it! This year, Terrapin welcomes Left Hand brewer Ro Guenzel to Athens the week of July 13th to brew the next installment in the Midnight Brewing Project! Ro and Spike will be cooking up an espresso milk stout called Depth Charge, made with Jittery Joe’s espresso […]”

Obviously, last week came and went and the beer is now in the tanks. Taco Mac’s Fred Crudder expects Depth Charge to be ready as early as next month. As for an indication on where to find the beer, last year’s version shipped to TN, NC, SC, GA, FL & CO.

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