Brooklyn Brewery releases Manhattan Project


(Brooklyn, NY) – Got this note on Brooklyn Brewery from a rep a couple weeks ago and am late in posting it. Here is the scoop: “Post Road Pumpkin Ale, Brooklyn Oktoberfest are on the market. Black Chocolate Stout will be bottled/kegged within two weeks. [BCS should be bottled by now and nearly ready for an October release]. We’re planning to release 2009 Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfen Weisse 750 ml in November. Garrett has floor malted at Crisp Maltsters in the U.K. for an upcoming Brewmaster’s Reserve called Backbreaker!”

As for the most recent Brewmaster’s Reserve release, Manhattan Project just arrived on tap within the last couple weeks. “MP is a collaboration with the drinks editor from Esquire Magazine, partially aged in Rittlehouse Rye barrels and infused with fruits and botanicals.” Here is the full sales write-up with ingredients:

Just as good restaurants will often feature the Chef’s special new dishes, every two months our “Chef” creates a new draft beer for our Brewmaster’s Reserve line. Brewmaster Garrett Oliver certainly loves beer best, but many good things provide inspiration. In this case, it was the realm of traditional cocktails. So Garrett decided to conjure up something unique with his friend David Wondrich, America’s top cocktail expert and winner of the 2008 James Beard Foundation Book Award. A few years back, David introduced Garrett to the classical version of the Manhattan, made not with bourbon but with rye whiskey, red vermouth and bitters. It quickly became Garrett’s favorite cocktail, and it spawned an idea. A robust rye beer, partially aged in Rittenhouse 100-proof Bonded Rye barrels from the Heaven Hill distillery, and then infused with the herbs and spices that flavor red vermouth and bitters. Then a dash of tart cherry, and the result is THE MANHATTAN PROJECT, a tasty new beer showing echoes of New York’s most famous cocktail, the Manhattan. It is great as an aperitif, but also with game dishes, especially duck.

Malt: Malted Rye, Crystal Rye Malt, Canadian Two row pilsner malt, British Maris Otter
Hops: German Perle
Other sugars: Caramel syrup, brewer’s sugar, Organic cherry juice
Other Herbs/spices: Bitter Orange Peel, Sweet Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Gentian Root, Cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, cloves.

ABV: 7.5%”

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