Rogue Ales releases first Wet Hop beer in bottles


(Newport, OR) – Chatoe Rogue Wet Hop Ale is scheduled for release in less than two weeks. According to GM/VP, Jim Cline, the beer should be bottled in bombers by Thursday.

Chatoe Rogue is the first bottled beer to come out of the hop harvesting at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon. Rogue released its first wet hop beer using hops from the farm last year.

A recent press release on Beer Advocate has more, “2010 Chatoe Rogue products will use Rogue Micro Farms’ Independence, Revolution, Liberty, Freedom, Newport, Rebel and Alluvial hops from the Wigrich Appellation and Dare, Risk and Dream malts from the Tygh Valley Appellation. Chatoe products will include Pinot Envy Ale, Dirtoir Ale, Single Malt Ale, and OREgasmic Ale.”

Ingredients: 2-row and Munich malt, Top fermenting Pacman Yeast, Revolution and Independent Hops (I’ve never heard of these hops but it looks like these are Rogue’s own new hops?)
Stats: 16 Deg. Plato, 40 IBU, 78 AA

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4 thoughts on “Rogue Ales releases first Wet Hop beer in bottles

  1. Just picked up a bottle from Belmont Station. I love it! I would buy this again. It’s in the mild American Pale Ale / ESB range, and tastes extremely fresh. Recommended.

  2. Trust me – this is a great beer. I bought tons of it last year, that is, the Independence Ale. Will we get to be just as fortunate in 09? I have a feeling this will not be a carbon copy but it doesn’t have to be in my book.

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