Magic Hat Howl replaces Jinx


(Burlington, VT) – Magic Hat Brewing’s Howl is now arriving to stores in bottles for the first time though the beer has been on tap for much of the month in some spots. Howl is the brewery’s new winter seasonal, replacing the now-retired Jinx.

In true Magic Hat form, the brewery has devoted an impressive page to the beer, complete with video animation, a creepy reading of a poem, and info on the beer.

Here’s a link to the bottle pic where you can leave Magic Hat a comment on Facebook.

Beer stats:

Style: Black Lager
Malts: Pale, Crystal 80, Carafa
Hops: Columbus, German Hallertaur
ALC: 4.6%, IBUs: 32, SRM: 65, Gravity: 12

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3 thoughts on “Magic Hat Howl replaces Jinx

  1. Been steaming since the demise of my favorite
    Jinx but I’ve been keeping busy.. I tried the
    new Howl and I like it. I’d missed Heart of Darkness, Ravell, and now Jinx so to have them
    bring back something dark and magical with some
    of the best of their best past offerings, I’m
    not so lost but time will tell. As soon as I got
    home after purchasing HOWL I went next door to a
    fellow beer geek and we agreed, its GOOD, thanks
    its got a great drinkability, its low on alcohol for a winter stable but
    its got that great taste I love from Magic Hat and
    its more a session beer worth checking out.

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  3. This is a great well balanced winter ale, a lot of them tend to be bitter or unnecessarily heavy.

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