New Belgium to add year-round IPA, introduce new label artwork


(Fort Collins, CO) – Bryan Simpson, New Belgium Brewing Media Relations Director, confirmed on Wednesday that the third largest craft brewery in the U.S. will begin to roll out new labels for several beers in the first quarter of next year. The brewery will also add a new year-round beer to its lineup at that time.

The neighbor of New Belgium Founders, Jeff Lebesch and Kim Jordan, when the brewery first went commercial, Anne Fitch has been responsible for much of the label artwork for nearly two decades. They have undergone changes over the years with the current look for the flagships and seasonals having been first adopted during the ’05-’06 winter. According to Simpson, “Abbey, Trippel, Mothership Wit and a few others are getting new packaging but are the same recipe. We feel that this level of beer encompasses some of the more unexpected offerings (from a flavor profile) in our portfolio and we wanted to call attention to that.” A beer like Fat Tire should continue on with the same label considering that the ‘famous’ bike is at the center of the brewery’s history, its community, and its logo.


Perhaps the bigger announcement is that New Belgium Ranger IPA will make its bottled debut in Q1. The beer made an appearance on draft at the Boise Beer Fest this past August but will now be available in 6-packs year-round. This appears to be the brewery’s first-ever IPA to appear in bottles, a feat considering the brewery has maintained several flagship beers for many years. Simcoe, Cascade and Chinook make up the hop profile in this 7% ABV beer (hop level is 60 IBUs). Simpson notes, “Beer Rangers are our beer sales folks and they had long wanted an IPA – something with a lot of hops. This beer was created for them and as a tribute to all they do out in the market.”

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8 thoughts on “New Belgium to add year-round IPA, introduce new label artwork

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  2. Is this New Belgium’s attempt at becoming more earth friendly with their graphics? No offense New Belgium, but these labels look bland. Too generic. Even the Lips of Faith bottle labels are lacking. I suppose they’ll change the label on Fat Tire too to be just a silhouette of a bicycle now too?

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  6. Just tried the Ranger IPA for the first time tonight and I am pretty impressed! I love hoppy beers and IPAs are my favorites. I can honestly say that the Ranger is my favorite and (IMO) the best of the New Belgium brews yet!

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