Sierra Nevada FOAM: a special beer for this weekend’s Phish 8 Festival


(Chico, CA) – Sierra Nevada Brewing is pleased to present FOAM, a special beer created especially for the Phish Festival 8 in Indio, California.

5/19/11 Update: Looks like this will be back for Super Ball IX.

FOAM is a German-style pilsner beer that we are brewing specifically for the Phish Festival. Phish have been longtime fans of Sierra Nevada and after talks with the band, event organizers, and management, we agreed to brew this beer for the festival.

A lot of us here at the brewery are Phish-heads, including several of our master brewers, and it only seemed natural to team up with a great band and a great California festival. This is a fun way to offer fans a liquid souvenir and to show our support for the music scene.

For the beer itself, we were looking for a lighter style with a lot of character. Here at the brewery we occasionally brew different Pilsner-style beers throughout the year, and decided a special Pilsner would be just the thing for this festival. We brewed 150 kegs of beer, all of which will be sent to the show. This is a draft-only product and we do not expect the beer to be available outside of the event.

Come out to the Phish: Festival 8 and hear great music and enjoy great beer.

Foam is a German-style Pilsner, light bodied and easy drinking, yet loaded with flavor. Brewed with a mix of European and American malts, balanced by a spicy, and herbal hop kick. Brewed specifically for Phish: Festival 8, Foam is a crisp and refreshing traditional pale gold lager beer. In the words of Phish—“I’m looking through, And it all would be, So crystal clear, If it wasn’t for the foam.” Great music, great beer, and good times.

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11 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada FOAM: a special beer for this weekend’s Phish 8 Festival

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  2. I was in heaven last weekend at Festival 8 as two of my favorite things (Sierra Nevada/Phish) came together for one magical weekend. I managed to get about 7 cups before they sold out. It’s a shame this will not be a regular beer for Sierra Nevada, as it is damn tasty (and Pilsner is usually pretty low on my list).

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  6. Can we order Sierra Nevada Phish beer?? Especially for this Phish fest coming up in Watkins Glen in July???

  7. FOAM will be at Watkins Glen for sure and over 50 types of beer it’s gonna be magical

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