BrewDog Tactical Nuclear Penguin: 32% beer sets world record*

Tactical Nuclear Penguin from BrewDog on Vimeo.

[11/25 Update: This beer will be available in the U.S. very soon.]

[4/11 Update: Per Time Magazine, “Jim Watt, one of BrewDog’s co-founders, says that some 400 bottles of Tactical Nuclear Penguin are in the process of being shipped to a few stores in California and New York City, including a Whole Foods location; about half of the consumers buying beer from the BrewDog website are from the U.S.”]

[12/22 Update: Turns out the beer is not yet sold out after all. Order Tactical Nuclear Penguin. Warning: after shipping to the U.S., expect your order to exceed $115 for a single bottle but you might consider ordering multiple bottles.]

[12/9 Update: 1st and 2nd batch of Tactical Nuclear Penguin sold out, third batch could be shipped to U.S. Stay tuned.]

[11/30 Update via BrewDog website: “*Due to unforeseen demand and interest in the beer, the initial bottling of Tactical Nuclear Penguin has now sold out. The good news however, is that the 2nd instalment is almost good to go. We will be bottling this batch on the 17th of December. If you place an order below, your order will be dispatched as soon as the beer is bottled. This will be in just over 2 weeks time. We will endeavour to do all we can to ensure a pre Christmas delivery but we cannot guarantee this. It is highly likely that the next bottling will be all sold out very soon also, so we recommend purchasing now to avoid disappointment*

*Everyone who bought before 1700 on 27th will receive their beers later next week*”]

(Aberdeen, SCOTLAND) – It is Thanksgiving morning so I am not going to turn this into a long post as I have with recent articles even though I think this beer and the brewery, in general, deserves one. Despite a strong U.S. following, the brewery curiously chose a day when most Americans would be too busy cooking and eating turkey and spending time with family than checking beer news online. Regardless, BrewDog is “at it” again. They have made a 32% ABV beer called Tactical Nuclear Penguin.

The brewery claims that TNP is now the world’s strongest beer ever made by a human. I put the asterisk there because I am sure that higher ABV “beers” have been brewed before but perhaps not on a commercial level. I actually received an email from the previous recordholder, Schorschbraeu GmbH, this week after they saw that I had linked to an article which had claimed that Samuel Adams Utopias was the strongest beer. If people care enough (and they probably do), I am sure this ‘world’s strongest beer’ claim will be settled once and for all.

The BrewDog team receives high marks for its beer though its a creative branding strategy that has made them international brewing celebrities virtually overnight. From the IPA aged on a voyage around the Atlantic Ocean to the BrewDog Tokyo-Portman Group scandal to announcing the world’s strongest beer in penguin suits . . . they get people talking. Personally, I think it is fascinating though I can understand why beer purists that feel these things detract from the product itself view the brewery negatively. No matter what way you cut it, to steal a phrase from the Dos Equis marketing people, BrewDog Managing Director, James Watt may just be the most interesting man in the world.

Or at least the craft beer world.

P.S.: here is the video for BrewDog Atlantic IPA from a while back

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13 thoughts on “BrewDog Tactical Nuclear Penguin: 32% beer sets world record*

  1. Bloody cheaters! They’re freezing the water out to get the alcohol content up. The Samuel Adams beers at least rely on good, old fashioned yeast breeding to drive up the alcohol content.

  2. If they’re freezing the water out, then I don’t think they should be calling it beer. What’s the point anyway. It’s pathetic.

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