Rogue Ales moving XS line, including new McRogue Scotch Ale, to 7 oz. bottles


[12/8 @RogueAles Twitter Update: moving from ceramic bottles to glass bottles. Depending on prices set by stores and distribs price will be pretty similar per oz.]

(Newport, OR) – As I alluded to in my piece on Rogue Double Mocha Porter and John John Ale, Rogue Ales is moving the XS Series to 7 oz. bottles. These bottles will begin to see shelves nationwide around February 1st when the brewery releases Russian Imperial Stout (which will also be available on tap).

Last week, the brewery got label for two such bottles: Imperial Younger’s Special Bitter and Imperial Red Ale. According to President, Brett Joyce, the brewery will also package Imperial IPA, Old Crustacean Barley Wine, and the new McRogue Scotch Ale in 7oz bottles.

With Nogne O also moving its Dark Horizon beers to 8.5 oz. bottles, could this be the start of a new trend?


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9 thoughts on “Rogue Ales moving XS line, including new McRogue Scotch Ale, to 7 oz. bottles

  1. Nice to see Rogue move this series BACK to the smaller bottles, hopefully this is a trend that we will see more of with bigger beers.

  2. Interesting. I had heard that they were moving from the ceramic 750’s to 22 oz glass bottles for the XS series. I find it a little hard to believe they’re going to bottle them in 7 oz bottles. That’s just tiny!

  3. oh look, did we finally figure out that the sexy but brutally overpriced black ceramic 750ml was a terrible solution as the lone way to buy this otherwise great beer?

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  6. so does this mean there will be no more 750ml bottles of there will be 7oz AND 750ml available??

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