Avery Brewing to begin canning in April, release new beer


(Boulder, CO) – Big news came out of Boulder yesterday afternoon with the announcement that Avery Brewing will begin canning beer late this spring.

Jonathan Shikes reports in Westword Denver: “The company, which is still testing the new canning line, hopes to have its Ellie’s Brown Ale, White Rascal, India Pale Ale and a fourth beer — a new brew that Avery will reveal later this year — in cans and on Colorado liquor store shelves by May 1.”

Will that new beer be Avery Gemini? When I spoke with someone from the brewery in spring of last year, they said that it was not on the brew schedule for 2009 but that it would come out eventually. This was a double IPA the brewery was planning for release in the fall of 2008 but never got around to brewing. [Update: I’ve been told that Gemini turned into DuganA IPA; there was a name change before production because another brewery was already using the name, “Gemini.”]

Avery Brewing will still produce most of its beer in bottles. They installed a brand-new bottling line in 2006, one that cost the brewery $1 million according to a Denver Post report.

Founder and Brewmaster, Adam Avery, said in a video with Basic Brewing back in 2007 that the brewhouse can accommodate up to 50,000 barrels a year. The brewery was producing around 10,000 barrels/year at the time of the video but has been growing since then.

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