Bell’s Brewery pays homage to Salvador Dali with 2010 Oberon mini-kegs


[1/29 Update: Kalambrew is reporting more on the mini-kegs and has announced that Oberon Day is Monday, March 29th.]

(Kalamazoo, MI) – Someone in Kalamazoo has a thing for surrealist paintings!

Bell’s Brewery will add some historical significance to its Oberon mini-kegs when they are released this spring (typically in May). The mini-kegs will feature an interpretation of Salvador Dali’s masterpiece, “The Persistence of Memory.” The clocks from the original are replaced with Oberon logos.

The painting celebrates its 75th anniversary and appears to be part of the collection at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC:

“Time is the theme here, from the melting watches to the decay implied by the swarming ants. The monstrous fleshy creature draped across the paintings center is an approximation of Dalís own face in profile. Mastering what he called “the usual paralyzing tricks of eye-fooling,” Dalí painted this work with “the most imperialist fury of precision,” but only, he said, “to systematize confusion and thus to help discredit completely the world of reality.” There is, however, a nod to the real: The distant golden cliffs are those on the coast of Catalonia, Dalís home.”

Oberon 6-packs and regular kegs will arrive on shelves earlier than the mini-kegs, likely in late March or early April. Update: Oberon Release Day will be on Monday, March 29th. I believe the brewery has traditionally aimed for Major League Baseball’s Opening Day (or at least it went down this way in 2009). The first game is on Sunday Night, April 4th, 2010 though “Opening Day” is thought of the first day of afternoon games so I’m guessing the brewery will launch Oberon on Monday, April 5th, 2010. That is just a guess based on last year; the brewery will make an official announcement at some point this winter.

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