Hopcast interviews Three Floyds Brewing

(Munster, IN) – The Hopcast guys interviewed Lincoln Anderson of Three Floyds Brewing recently.

What we learned:

The brewery hopes to increase production by 25% to 15,000/barrels a year. Note: That is not enough for widespread expansion though it should help the brewery meet local demand. The only expansion taking place so far is to Kentucky. The brewery sent down Dreadnaught, Robert the Bruce and Black Sun Stout to the Bluegrass state last month.

Alpha King and Gumballhead are tied for the lead in brewery sales.

Three Floyds will add a to-be-named hoppy 22 oz. beer at some point in 2010. [Update: Brian pointed out Three Floyds Lord Admiral Nelson in the comments though Lincoln made it sound like this project will appeal to hopheads so I don’t think he is referring to the ESB. Could be wrong.]

The brewery will be throwing events with Dogfish Head and Stone Brewing for this year’s Craft Brewers Conference in Chicago.

Dark Lord Day details will be announced by the end of January. Dark Lord Day will fall on Saturday, April 24th this year.

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6 thoughts on “Hopcast interviews Three Floyds Brewing

  1. The yet to named beer is lord nelson. there extra strong bitter and it is pretty good

  2. Good catch, Brian. Though it seems odd that Lincoln would pretend as though he can’t say what the beer is even though he or the brewery posted the label for it on the blog two months ago. Perhaps there are technically two new beers to come in 2010.

  3. is it me or does Lincoln look like he’d rather just be talking to eh camera than these two schmucks??

    they were so awkward. damn man leave your sleave alone.. and hes not santa claus. grow up and get over it.. its beer! not a fricken first date

  4. Haha. To their credit, I think a lot of us young folk look up to people in the industry whether they are brewers or whoever. And maybe Lincoln intimidated them a bit though I really have no idea. They did just fine with Shaun from 21st Amendment so I think it depends on the interviewee.

    That said, I didn’t notice much awkwardness.

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