Jolly Pumpkin Perseguidor 5 to be released on Sunday, Jan. 17th


(Dexter, MI) – Jolly Pumpkin Ales has a few things up its sleeve now that Lambicus Dexterius is sold out. Three more one-off (most likely) beers will be released in the coming weeks.

Up first is Perseguidor 5. V.P. of Sales for Northern United Brewing Co. (company that owns the Jolly Pumpkin brand), Mike Turriff, says that this is a blend of three grand reserves (meaning each beer has undergone extensive aging, likely 18 months or more): La Roja, Luciernaga and Bam Biere. The beers were aged on oak as a blend for six months and bottled-conditioned for another six, Turriff notes.

Without being able to track down what was included in the third batch of Perseguidor, this is the second time in a row that Roja has been included in the blend and at least the third time overall. Bam Biere has also been included at least twice though Luciernaga appears to be new to the series (again, not knowing what went into Batch 3).

Approximately 480 bottles have been produced (40 cases, 12 oz. bottles). The brewery-only release will take place on Sunday, January 17, at 12 PM at the cafe in Ann Arbor with a per-person limit of four bottles. The price point should be around the same as last January’s release of Perseguidor 4.

Check out the scores on the Perseguidor Series so far at RateBeer. These rank right up there with any other beers Jolly Pumpkin has created so you probably don’t want to miss this if you are in the area.

Coming out later will be two beers in the new Jolly Pumpkin Baudelaire Beer Series, named after French poet, Charles Pierre Baudelaire.

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