Magic Hat: new beers on tap for 2010


(Burlington, VT) – Magic Hat Brewing has some new packages hitting shelves this winter and, of course, a few new beers coming out over the course of the year. And guess who has the details . . .

The first is Magic Hat Vinyl, an Amber Lager featuring Northern Brewer hops that is supposedly the brewery’s spring seasonal. Yet winter just officially began three weeks ago and I’m already seeing reviews of bottles online. This beer will be available in 6-packs, 12-packs and . . .

12pk3D-springSpring Fever variety 12-packs, in addition to Vinyl, will contain #9, Lucky Kat, and the new Odd Notion. Odd Notion is a series of one-offs only found in these mixed boxes. This one will be an unfiltered American Wheat IPA with Apollo, Simcoe and Cascade hops. More info is available on the official site though they don’t give IBUs.

What does the brewery have lined up the rest of the year for the Odd Notions? A source close to the brewery confirmed that Wild Ginger Gold will debut this summer, Green Apple Wit will be released this fall, and Sour Hibiscus Red Rye will round things out next winter.

The brewery will also, for the first time, launch its so-called IPA Tour Series this summer. Blind Faith will return to kick things off with virtually the same label that you’ve seen before. hI.P.A. will return in the fall. Both beers are listed as offed-ones on Magic Hat’s website. The winter beer is still being determined.

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4 thoughts on “Magic Hat: new beers on tap for 2010

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  2. The winter lager -Howl-is a great beer with a nice toasty malt flavor and a refreshing change to all the double hopped brews that seem only to be judged on the basis of alcohol content. Magic Hat produces beers that people enjoy and keep them coming back for more. They are the 10th most popular microbrewery for a reason!

  3. Thanks for the note, Scott. I just drank one myself and thought it was pretty good but I do like a hoppy beer even if it is a standard IPA.

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