Ommegang BPA (Belgian-style Pale Ale) coming in March


(Cooperstown, NY) – Brewery Ommegang will release a Belgian-style Pale Ale for the first time this spring in bottle-conditioned 750’s and on draft. The beer will ship in February for sales in March-April. It is the first of six in a new series of “specialty” beers to come out in 2010.

Marketing and Press Relations Director, Larry Bennett expounds, “The idea is a full-flavored, full aroma, authentic Belgian Pale ale with a quaffable 5.7% abv. It is part of a series of beers we’re trying out this year as ‘accessible draft’ candidates. Accessible draft meaning: satisfying to drink, moderate ABV, reasonably priced (in line with our other year-round beers), ultimately able to get and hold its own handle, apart from our other handles out there.

ommegang-belgian-style-pale-ale-bottleLike many breweries our size, we make a broad range of beers, but don’t really have one dedicated or focused ‘entry’ ‘accessible’ draft beer. We’re looking into whether or not we need to have one.

This is one of three we’re putting out there in next six months to see how the retailers and public respond. Depending on that, one could go into production full time, or could all go to the Specialty Beer route.”

Around 12,000 bottles (6 x 2000) of Ommegang Belgian-style Pale Ale will be produced. The brewery is putting roughly 100HL into bottle and 100HL in draft (mostly 1/6 bbl). This will also hit Ommegang’s entire 45-state distribution market. There is a possibility that this hits 12 oz. bottles later in the year as well though that is undetermined at this time.

The label reads, “This fine pale ale has citrus and tropical fruit aromatic shared with a well-balanced – yet abundant – hop character. It uses our own Belgian yeast, five malts, two hops, and plenty of patience. Finishing touches include dry-hopping with Cascade hops and warm-cellaring.” 5.8% ABV.

Says Bennett, “We’ve worked on this for a while, trying to crack the code for accessible with distinctive character. The brewers have done it.”

Look for it in late winter/early spring.

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