Surly Abrasive Ale coming to cans


(Brooklyn Center, MN) – Surly Brewing will be putting its first Double IPA in cans . . .

Surly Abrasive Ale is the reincarnation of Surly 16 Grit, a popular growler-only beer that the brewery produced at the end of 2008- before it had to stop selling growlers. The Beer Spot reports that the beer will be introduced as a seasonal in March or April.

Surly wrote this on its blog a while back in reference to 16 Grit: “Why the name 16 grit? It is an homage back to the old abrasive factory that was the precursor to the brewery. (See the history page for more details about that.) We would use different sized abrasive grains to differentiate the aggressiveness of the sanding discs. 16 grit is pretty abrasive, kind of like a DIPA.”

Here are stats/specs from the original 16 Grit:

110 ibu
Kettle hopped with Warrior, Amarillo and Glacier. Dry-hopped(twice) with Glacier and Amarillo.

16 Grit, like Surly Furious, was a homerun for the brewery, earning a 4.39 average on Beer Advocate. If the beer hadn’t been retired, it would be among the top 10 Double IPAs on the website.

Also coming soon in 750 ml bottles are Surly Smoke and Surly Four. Surly has announced that it will release Four at the local watering hole, the Blue Nile, on February 23rd as part of 4th anniversary festivities.

Finally, the brewery just re-launched its website yesterday.

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