Terrapin The Iron Tankard is first in new series to honor Georgia Theatre


(Athens, GA) – Terrapin Beer Co. has another series of limited releases coming in 2010. In addition to the Side Project Series, the brewery will honor (and help raise money for) the burned-down Georgia Theatre with four new beers this year.

On the morning of June 19th, a fire broke out at the Georgia Theatre in Athens. WSBTV reported, “Most of the roof had collapsed and the interior appeared to be a total loss with only exterior walls still standing.” The cause of the fire that destroyed the venue, one that hosted artists such as R.E.M. and Widespread Panic, was undetermined.

“When the GA Theatre burned down last year, I talked with Will [Greene] and Scott [Orvald] immediately and told them we would be working with them to help raise money,” says Terrapin VP of Sales and Marketing, Dustin Watt. “We wanted to do something unique and something that would bring attention to this tragedy so more people would want to donate to help get this Athens Landmark running again.”

To do its part in achieving that goal, Terrapin will release four beers under the name, “Terrapin’s Georgia Theatre Sessions.” The first is The Iron Tankard Old Stock Ale. The beer is expected to debut in mid-March. Watt says, “We will be holding release parties with a limited edition cask of each beer in Athens and Atlanta.” Distribution will be limited to those two cities. There will be roughly 500 cases total and the brewery will produce 50 barrels for each release.

Each release in the series will highlight a different era in the history of the building:

Brew 1 – March – “The Iron Tankard” Old Stock Ale – The building started as a YMCA in 1889 and had a huge iron swimming pool in the basement.

Brew 2 – June – “Double Feature” Belgian Dubbel – later the building became a movie theater

Brew 3 – September – “Sound Czech” Czech Pilsner – Highlighting the wonderful days of the GA Theatre’s music career

Brew 4 – December – “Hoptaneous Combustion” Imperial IPA – The tragic Fire and a look into the future.

Each 22 oz. bottle will come specially boxed and inside one box (one for each release) will be a “GOLDEN TICKET.” The four golden tickets are lifetime passes to the Georgia Theatre once it re-opens. So if you are a local and plan on trading one of these beers to someone elsewhere, it would be a good idea to open the box first.

Watt notes that there might even be a ‘Wanka Tour’ at the brewery for the winners . . .

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5 thoughts on “Terrapin The Iron Tankard is first in new series to honor Georgia Theatre

  1. That is as cool as it gets. Well done Terrapin! I’ll be looking for that golden ticket you can be sure.

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  3. Looking forward to trying the first release. I hope to make it up to Manuel’s in Atlanta this Tuesday.

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