The Lost Abbey and Port Brewing 2010 First Half Schedule


(San Marcos, CA) – I have compiled the following easy-reference list of release dates for The Lost Abbey, gathered from Tomme Arthur’s latest blog post, the brewery’s Google Calendar, and a recent post at The Full Pint. Lots of good stuff coming in the next six months.

Available now – Port Mongo Double IPA – available on draft at Stone Bistro, Verdugo Bar, Wit’s End a couple others so far (full write-up at Full Pint link) – looks like draft-only

Jan. 16th – The Angel’s Share

375ml bottles (cooperative effort with North Coast Brewing and Russian River Brewing to develop a specific bottle shape to be used only by these breweries), $15 each, maximum 6 bottles per person. 800 cases produced in first bottling run (does that mean there will be a second?). Serpent’s Stout may also be available though that is a bit unclear now with the beer having its own “release day” on the 30th.

Jan. 23rd – Midnight Sessions Lager

Jan. 30th – The Serpent’s Stout

Feb. 13th – Red Poppy

This could be delayed if the beer is not ready. According to the aforementioned blog post, The Lost Abbey will also preview “a draft keg of Framboise de Amarosa. This is a barrel aged raspberry beer that has been aging in our distribution warehouse since last summer. In July, we had farm fresh raspberries delivered to our brewery and they went directly into all manners of barrels. And because it didn’t have enough Raspberry character, we added more fruit to the barrels in November.”

Feb. 13th – Angel’s Share Grand Cru

Tentative. “This is an extremely limited release for the Patron Sinners club and is unlikely (but still possible) to reach the general public. More information will be released once yields have been determined.”

Feb. 27th – Carnevale – Celebrate Carnevale with a Venetian-style masquerade party at Port Brewing & The Lost Abbey

March 6th – Port Hot Rocks Lager

March 12th – Vino Veritas aka Veritas 005 – uses Cabernet Franc grapes from Temecula

spring – Amazing Grace – 6-8 oak barrels filled

May 1st – Port 4th Anniversary and Cuvee de Tomme – making an educated guess here based on past years’ anniversary parties

Jul. 24th – Bourbon Barrel Santa’s Little Helper

I’m sure there are others but this is a start!

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