Boston Beer Co. to debut a new IPA: Samuel Adams Latitude 48 is coming


[2/11 Update: Straight from CEO, Jim Koch, Samuel Adams Latitude 48 will be introduced as part of the 2010 Summer Variety Pack.]

[2/5 Update: Not the first IPA, noticed a retired version on Beer Advocate after originally posting]

(Boston, MA) – As usual with Boston Beer Co., there isn’t a whole lot of information available on this one yet but the brewery might just have another IPA.

What we know for now is that the brewery has received label approval for a new brand coming this year. Samuel Adams Latitude 48 will join the Brewmaster’s Collection this year. According to the label, this is an “Ale brewed with a carefully selected blend of hops from top German, English and American growing regions, all located close to the 48th Latitude within the “hop belt” of the Northern Hemisphere. The intense hop character is balanced by a slight sweetness and full body from the malt blend.” 5.8% ABV.

This looks as though it could be Boston Beer Co.’s first commercially-available IPA (outside of one-off/specialty releases like Samuel Adams Longshot Double IPA) since it retired, according to Beer Advocate, an old English IPA. That would be big news considering that IPA’s are flagships at many large breweries though it’s unclear how this will enter the Samuel Adams rotation.

I recently reported that the style has been the biggest gamechanger of 2009, according to IRI data. New Belgium Brewing has responded to the trend by adding a year-round IPA of its own this month, New Belgium Ranger IPA. Many breweries with IPA’s in their portfolios already are introducing Black IPA’s to the mix.

In other news, I haven’t yet seen label approval for the Boston Beer Co. – Weihenstephan collaboration though that should be coming this month if not very soon.

The brewery also has a new label coming to commemorate Samuel Adams Boston Lager’s 25th Anniversary.

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6 thoughts on “Boston Beer Co. to debut a new IPA: Samuel Adams Latitude 48 is coming

  1. Sam Adams actually did brew and bottle an IPA – I had reviewed it back in 2002 at I remember buying it at a grocery store in the Outer Banks while on vacation, it was a decent beach beer (not super hoppy, not that you’d expect it to be anyway…)


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  3. just finished my first latitude 48.
    Please keep it available all year.
    This is truly one of your finest!
    Hope it will be available in 6/12/24 packs.

    Roger Vizioli
    Merritt Island, FL

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