Hopworks Secession Black IPA arrives


(Portland, OR) Hopworks Urban Brewery (aka HUB) has a new beer hitting bottles called Hopworks Secession Black IPA.

The label description refers to the beer as a Cascadian Dark Ale as well which will please the locals supporting that movement. Considering Oakshire Brewing was successful in getting O’Dark:30 approved with Cascadian Dark Ale clearly indicated as the style, I would expect more PNW breweries to adopt using CDA on the label. It’s still unclear as to whether the TTB will make breweries indicate IPA or India Pale Ale somewhere on the label if they try to go with only CDA.

Back to the beer, this will be a seasonal available from early January through April going forward. For this batch, there were 240 bbls brewed with 85% of that going into kegs and 15% going into 22 oz. bottles. Distribution is currently limited to Oregon with most served in Portland. I didn’t get a concrete answer on when bottles will be available though I am guessing very soon considering the beer is already available on tap.

The hop mix includes: Mt Hood, Amarillo, Cascade and Simcoe. 6.5% ABV. 70 IBU. OG: 15 Deg.

As a bonus, if you’re interested in brewery marketing, check out Beervana’s lengthy “dissection” of the HUB brand.

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