Portsmouth Kate the Great 2010 details

In the above video, the man that created Portsmouth Kate the Great, Brewmaster, Tod Mott, shows you around the tiny brewhouse where Kate is produced and talks about why he can’t make more of it. Owner, Pete Egelston, is behind the camera.

The beer is currently ranked #7 on Beer Advocate and #82 on RateBeer.

It also happens to be one of The Big Six, a term that I’m “coining” today. The Big Six are the beers that get the most internet buzz prior leading up to the event, have massive attendance at the event, and have the most requests/trading activity afterward.

They are, in no particular order:

Portsmouth Kate the Great
Surly Darkness
Russian River Pliny the Younger
Three Floyds Dark Lord
Foothills Sexual Chocolate
The Bruery Black Tuesday

Four of those releases take place in a span of three months (February through April).

Would you add any beers to that list?

Getting back to Kate the Great, here is what you need to know in preparation for next Monday’s big release.

There are going to be 900 bottles of Kate the Great available, the same amount as last year. Limit is two per person. Given what took place in Santa Rosa with the Pliny the Younger release, who knows what time you should get there, etc. There are 272 people signed up so far with a week left before the event compared to only 177 people last year. One thing is guaranteed: there will be more people. Note: here’s last year’s Beer Advocate thread if you want to reminisce. Just keep in mind that this year’s event is running differently.

Here are the details on how things will work the morning of the release from the official blog:

“1.) Bottle sales will commence at 9:00 AM and will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. We will start to issue calendar pages at seven in the morning, to reduce the amount of time people have to wait in line. Bottle sales will be conducted in our downstairs bar, but no drinks will be served there during this time. Once bottles are purchased, people will be asked to go outside so we can clear the room prior to tapping.

2.) The tapping itself will take place at 11:37 AM, in both our upstairs and downstairs bars. We’ll open our doors a bit earlier than usual, eleven instead of eleven-thirty, to give everyone a chance to settle in.”

Brewer, Tyler Jones, mentions in the comments that he thinks that there will be a snifter limit of 2-3 per person but that is NOT official.

No word on bottle/snifter price but I would expect it to be reasonably similar to last year.

I will probably set up another live Twitter widget so that people can see comments as things progress in the morning.

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4 thoughts on “Portsmouth Kate the Great 2010 details

  1. It seems so much more real now. It is awesome to see where and how Kate is made. Monday will be a lot more exciting (if that’s possible) now.

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