The World’s New #1 Beer

russian-river-pliny-the-younger(Santa Rosa, CA) – In the midst of the Winter Olympics, with countries vying for national pride, Russian River Brewing just achieved something grand for the USA tonight. The brewery claimed the top spot on Beer Advocate’s 100 Top Beers on Planet Earth with its Pliny the Younger Double IPA. Westvleteren 12, made by Trappist monks in Belgium, previously had a stronghold on the spot.

U.S. breweries still have their work cut out for them on RateBeer though with Westvleteren 12 and Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter having a comfortable lead over their U.S. counterparts.

Considering Beer Advocate is the largest beer site in the world, this news could travel. That doesn’t bode well for next year’s Pliny the Younger release, folks.

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7 thoughts on “The World’s New #1 Beer

  1. More like #1 most hyped beer. It was awesome, but the BA beer rankings are HEAVILY skewed toward lack of availability, not solely the quality of the beer itself.

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  3. Interesting in that it still has less reviews on BA (376) than on RB (379). I’d also guess that the average person reviewing it on BA has less reviews under their belt than the average person reviewing it on RB, which definitely plays with the hype aspect of it if the average BA review is from someone who has only reviewed 10-15 beers, and only the biggest hype beers they can find, as opposed to an RB review coming from someone who reviews just about everything they come across.

    I put a lot more faith into a review system (RB) that doesn’t even average a review into the system until the user has a number of ratings… best I can tell, BA averages in reviews where it’s the only thing someone has reviewed.

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