Mikkeller Yeast Series to debut, next Single Hop beers revealed


(Copenhagen, DENMARK) – Mikkeller is starting up his third self-proclaimed “educational” series of beers.

[7/1 Update: Mikkeller Yeast Series beers now available: Hefeweizen, Lager, Brettanomyces, American Style Ale and Belgian Ale]

Here is the scoop from Mikkel: “The Yeast Series will be similar [to the Single Hop Series]. Identical beers – only difference is the yeast. It will be a ‘strong pale ale’ – 8%, pretty well hopped but not oven the top. Malt, hops, water are identical. Only difference is the yeast. I am sure it will be even more educational than the Single Hop Series. They will turn into very different beers. Planned are a lager, regular US ale, Belgian Ale/Trappist, Weiss and Brettanomyces.”

Yeast Series beers will be sold individually in 330ml bottles similar to the Single Hop Series.

The third series mentioned is four versions of Black Hole, each aged in a different type of barrel.

By now, all ten beers in the Single Hop Series have now been imported to the U.S. and at least the latter ones in the series should still be available.

Mikkel hinted that the next four will probably be “Summit, Apollo, Bravo and Citra” and told me to add a fifth, Sorachi Ace. I prodded him as to why he wasn’t using Willamette since it was the third most heavily used hop in the U.S. according to a 2009 Brewers Association survey [ed: I realize he brews in Europe though I don’t have worldwide hop stats and he’s got a major fanbase in the U.S.]. His response: “Just don’t care for it very much.” Sorry, Willamette fans.

The first ten hops in the series are as follows (alphabetical, not chronological):

East Kent Golding
Nelson Sauvin

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