New England Gandhi-Bot, 668 Neighbor of the Beast cans coming soon


(Woodbridge, CT) – New England Gandhi-Bot Double IPA and 668 Neighbor of the Beast Belgian-style Golden Ale are scheduled to arrive on shelves in tall boy cans soon. It’s ranked #26 on Beer Advocate’s Buzzed list.]

[8/21 Update: the brewery created another batch that just went on sale yesterday. Cans (now 12 oz.) could hit shelves as early as this week.]

Gandhi-Bot is being canned next week and should be available the following week. Per the label, “Gandhi-Bot is an intensely hopped Double India Pale Ale brewed with a blend of three varieties of American hops. 85 IBUs, this beer is brewed for those of us who need an aromatic and flavorfully hopped beer.”

668 Neighbor of the Beast will follow Gandhi-Bot. Per the label, “Good fences make good neighbors . . . unless you live next door to Satan. Then you may need something more than a fence to accept that your neighbor is the Prince of Darkness; like our “668.” This HELLaciously delicious Belgian Ale is brewed with pilsner malts, candi sugar and blended with American and German hops. It will help you accept that cloven-hooved guy next door.”


In other news, from the new blog: “There are Cabernet Barrels nestled away filled with critters that are quietly going to work on their contents and a few other barrels waiting to be filled as well. Bottles for Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout Trooper are on their way and we’re getting ready for a day of bottling next week.”

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