Oskar Blues Old Chub ditches Scottish roots


(Longmont, CO) – Oskar Blues Brewery will soon debut a new look for Old Chub.

The beer will showcase a new green label with a noticeable difference in how the beer is described. What once read, “Scottish-style Ale,” now reads, “Scotch Ale.” Both terms refer to the same style and are used interchangeably given that many Scottish-style ales feature Scotch characteristics. As to why the change, I’m sure that there was a marketing study done or something to that effect because it’s not cheap to make a switch like this. [3/18 Update: Thanks to Stan for pointing out that BJCP style guidelines dictate that a Scottish-style ale between 6.5-10% ABV should be referred to as a (Strong) Scotch Ale.]

The brewery pays tribute to Mike Myers’ character in So I Married an Axe Murderer with the phrase, “A Virtual Planetoid,” on the label. See this blog post for more on that.

Here is the old label:


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2 thoughts on “Oskar Blues Old Chub ditches Scottish roots

  1. Scottish and (Strong) Scotch have different meanings (related to strength) to those focused on “styles.” The style guidelines may or may not be correct but they are pretty specific.

    This name change reflects the fact that the beer has always been high abv.

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