Two craft breweries and a brewpub reportedly up for sale

roots-organic-brewingWithin the past four months, Pennichuck closed and ownership of Otter Creek, Flying Bison, Anderson Valley Brewing has (or will soon) change hands. There are now reports of two more breweries looking to sell . . .

One of the well-known organic-certified breweries in the U.S., Roots Organic based in Portland, Oregon, is available for sale according to the New School blog:

“After the split up of the Founders and all the other drama about closure over the last year Roots has still chugged on to their 5th year and that is something worth commemorating. […]

I talked to Craig recently about the Anniversary beer which will be an Imperial Porter of 8.2% ABV and 38 IBUS. I asked Craig about rumors of Roots closing or selling and learned that Roots is indeed up for sale but no buyers yet […]”

Thickening the plot, some digging on the ProBrewer classifieds found that Nicholls is actually in pursuit of a used full-scale brewing system. Something is afoot though Nicholls did not return messages requesting more information.

Meanwhile, the Ohio-based Hoperatives blog broke the news last night that Barrelhouse Brewing in Cincinnati is for sale:

“I just talked to [Barrelhouse Brewmaster] Mike Osborne at the Cincinnati Beerfest, and he told me on the record that Barrelhouse is for sale. Brewhouse, recipes, everything. Including Mike, apparently. Rumors have been flying for a couple of weeks including one that the brewhouse had already been dismantled. That’s not true, but apparently the latest sale attempt fell through this past Wednesday.”

If anyone has more information on what type of equipment these breweries are running and/or the size of the brewing system, please post in the comments.

Wild Creek Brewing and Untamed Steakhouse in Winter Park, CO, is also available for purchase. Equipment is just 2.5 years old. Check out the Denver Craigslist posting as of late last week.

Interested in equipment?

Fort Collins Brewery in Colorado is also opening some of its old space and leasing equipment as it moves to a new location in June.

There is also an 8.5 barrel system for sale in Petaluma, CA, on Craigslist for those looking to purchase some equipment though I’m unsure if that is tied to a brewery closure. I can’t tell if Ripley’s is the name of the brewery or the equipment manufacturer.

Finally, Pennsylvania-based Breaker Brewing is looking to expand and is selling its 1.5 bbl (nano) brewhouse.

In general, ProBrewer Classifieds are a great resource for used brewing equipment (and hiring people). You can find everything from pilot systems and parts to mid-size brewing systems on there.

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  1. I’ve been in Winter Park for over 15 years now. If anyone wants more info on the Wild Creek Brewing and Untamed Steakhouse, just let me know!

  2. look for 7bbl system or10bbl system close to new mexico! my number is 505-480-3672

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