Just Beer to release Elephant Rock Bock, Golden Flounder and Big Mamie


(Westport, MA) – Just Beer is releasing three new beers in bottles soon. I caught up with Bill Russell who runs this operation and here’s the scoop on them.

Elephant Rock Bock: “A 7.8% bock brew that we’ve lagered for way over 12 weeks and done a mild American dry-hop which we think adds a lovely floral lift to the sweet malt. We only made about 40 barrels and will bottle 25 of those in 22oz bombers. Available starting mid May.”


Golden Flounder: “Where to begin? We’re brewing the first batch tomorrow. It’s a blend of American grown pale and wheat malts and hopped with 2009 Segal Ranch Galinas and Cascades in the kettle and then run through our hop-back with whole leaf 2009 season Cascades from Segal Ranch. We’re looking to capture the refreshing citrus flavor and aroma of American hops in a deliciously zippy unfiltered golden.”


Big Mamie: “As you might expect for a beer with a battleship as its inspiration, it’s bigger than our normal ales. We’re brewing this big babe next week. It’s a blend of 4 American malts, pale, “victory”, caramel 120 and chocolate. We’re going to hop up with only bittering hops which, in this case, is again 2009 Galinas. Fermentation will be cool, at 60-62 degrees and the result we hope for is an new American style strong brown alt-ish brew with 5.7% alcohol.”

Says Russell: “In typical Just Beer fashion, all these beers are made as sessionable brews. We’re not extremists, instead preferring to brew perfectly reasonable beers. All our beers are mostly available on the South Coast of Massachusetts where we self-distribute. We can arrange shipment of bottles to any retailer in the state but prefer to keep draft beer within 20 miles of the brewery. We have a vibrant little store at the brewery, open Fridays and Saturdays during the Winter and Thursday through Saturday from Memorial Day through Labor Day. If you’re on our email list, you’ll notice that most Saturdays we offer some brews at a recession-proof price of $14.99/case. AKA reasonable beer at a reasonable price. On Saturdays this summer we’ll have a drive-through case purchase (warm or cold) storefront with $14.99 cases every Saturday. This is in addition to our normal store with tastings/tours/growlers.”

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