Twisted Pine Ghost Face Killah Chili Beer is the hottest beer on Earth

08-ghostface-killah-oneColorado Brewery Brews Hottest Beer on Earth – Twisted Pine releases a Ghost Chili Beer

Boulder, Colorado – April 26th 2010 – Why brew a beer so hot that it melts taste buds and brings tears to drinkers’ eyes? To do something different. In a world full of pilsners, pale ales and porters trying to think a little more outside of the box keeps things exciting. Twisted Pine takes pride in making unique craft beers many of which combine flavors that have never been conceived before. “Ghost Face Killah” ghost chili beer packs the heat of 6 chilies including anaheim, fresno, jalapeño, serrano, habenero and the infamous ghost chili. The beer will be released May 5th at the Twisted Pine Cinco de Mayo party and again at the Snowmass Chili and Beer Festival.

While pouring Billy’s Chilies Chili Beer at the Chili and Beer Festival last year, the crowd’s reaction was, “don’t you have anything hotter?” Be careful what you ask for. A little less than a year later brewers stumbled across a chili called Bhut Jolokia, better known as the ghost chili (the hottest chili on earth). The ghost chili is one of those foods you must earn the right to eat. In fact, the bag it arrived in came with a very stern warning label touting one million scoville units, which is five times hotter than a habenero. Needless to say, a little bit of this chili goes a long way. However, “once you get over the initial heat of the chili, you are left with a very flavorful smokiness,” says brewer Jeff Brumley.

Chili beer is not a new concept at Twisted Pine who is known for brewing the ever so popular Billy’s Chilies. Billy’s Chilies Beer is a light wheat beer infused with 5 fresh peppers and was initially brewed as somewhat of a novelty. Five years later, sales of the chili beer are soaring. With brewers allowed much freedom in the brewery it was only a matter of time until “Ghost Face Killah” ghost chili beer came to fruition.

One of a kind beers are something Twisted Pine is known for with past releases including Poison Fish, a ginger wasabi beer, “The Truffle,” a chocolate raspberry beer infused with coffee, and “Holy Mole,” a chocolate chili beer.

While the Guinness Book of World Records is still pending, one taste should be enough to assure you; this is something truly unique.


Based in Boulder, Colorado Twisted Pine Brewing Company has been handcrafting beer since 1995. They are the brewers of such favorites as “Hoppy Boy IPA,” “Raspberry Wheat Ale” and “Billy’s Chilies.” The Ale House is a very popular local hangout and boasts 17 taps, 5 rotating. Twisted Pine is active with local charitable organizations and a strong believer in sustainable business practices. You can find more information at

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