Coors Batch 19 now on draft in five cities

batch-19-growler“Batch 19” Offers a Taste of Pre-Prohibition Style Beer

Lager Based on Authentic Recipe Banned in 1919 Now on Draft in Five Cities

GOLDEN, CO–(Marketwire – May 3, 2010) – Beer drinkers curious about what beer tasted like before Prohibition now have their chance to find out thanks to a recent discovery of a 91-year-old, authentic pre-Prohibition recipe. Starting this May, Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Style Lager will be available on draft in limited quantities and in select locations in Chicago, San Francisco, San Jose, Washington, D.C. and Milwaukee.

Batch 19 is derived from a recipe found in an old logbook discovered in brewery archives dating back before 1919, when Prohibition banned beer. The pre-Prohibition style lager delivers a bold, hoppy flavor that is surprisingly well balanced.

“When Prohibition banned beer in 1919, breweries went under and recipes were lost,” said Brewmaster Keith Villa. “In our case, the archived logbooks with these old recipes were stored in the basement of the brewery and forgotten about until a small flood prompted me to move them to safety. When I realized what I had found, it was something I knew I had to brew. This recipe is part of our history and I think beer fans will really enjoy a chance to taste the past.”

Batch 19 will be available in limited quantities starting in May in select accounts, including:

* Chicago: Lottie’s, Kelly’s Pub, Gallery Cabaret, Jefferson Tap, Will’s Northwoods
* Milwaukee: Bomb Shelter Bar, Bootlegger’s Bar & Grill, City Lounge, Flannery’s, Leff’s Lucky Town, Kochanski’s Concertina Bar
* San Francisco: The Parlor, McTeagues, 83 Proof, Hotel Utah, Lush Lounge
* San Jose: The Brit
* Washington, DC: 18th Amendment, Iron Horse, The Saloon, We the Pizza

“In 1919, when beer was banned, barrels were broken and great beer was lost,” said Batch 19 Brand Manager, Jennifer Anton. “When beer came back 14 years later, it wasn’t the same, and we’ve heard from consumers that they want to experience what beer tasted like before Prohibition. In that rebellious spirit, we were inspired by the authentic recipe to brew it right and bring it back. Batch 19 derives its bold taste by using a rare combination of hops, including Hersbrucker and Strisslespalt.”

Those last batches destroyed in 1919 are what inspired the name. Batch 19 is available only in carefully selected speakeasy style/saloon bars. Beer fans can find out more about the unique Batch 19 story at, and, where the brand will share more details about the beer and its limited availability.

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13 thoughts on “Coors Batch 19 now on draft in five cities

  1. “When beer came back 14 years later, it wasn’t the same, and we’ve heard from consumers that they want to experience what beer tasted like before Prohibition.

    That’s an easy one; DRINK CRAFT BEER! No improper adjuncts and cost saving fillers.

    Also, the batch 19 recipe is “based” on a pre-prohibition recipe. Does that mean they added their usual cost saving, flavor sapping adjuncts? Why not just make the original recipe?

  2. We tried Batch 19 at the Coors brewery in Golden Colorado and it was very good, all five of us liked it.

  3. Tryed it at the coors brewery in golden loved it bought 2 sixpacks i. The gift shop to ship home got broke by ups so bummed please bring it to oregon

  4. I’m at Denver CO airport waiting to fly out. I tasted Batch-19 yesterday at the Coor’s brewery. One word…….”AWESOME” . I can only hope we can get this AWESOME brew in Virginia Beach. – Sal sends

  5. I don’t believe this is a real prohibition recipe but just another idea dreamed up by their marketeers. Colorado Native bombed so……

  6. I had it at the Airport in Denver, it was the best beer I have ever had, no kidding. Why else am I on the web trying to find out about it. Put it our Coors, come on!!

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  8. I would love to try batch 19 again, having tried it in Milwaukee. Bring batch 19 to Minneapolis. Only coors product I have truly enjoyed…

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